Global Village Dubai Around The World In 5 Hours

Global Village Dubai – around the world in 5 hours

Who wouldn’t be tempted to travel around the globe with all their senses in just a few hours without leaving their home? As the name “Global Village” suggests, the whole world becomes a village.

In the middle of the desert, just half an hour’s drive from the city center, is this gigantic amusement park “Global Village”, which is only open during the winter months and only from 4 pm. Anyone thinking of a conventional amusement park such as Disneyland will have to rethink, but will be pleasantly surprised. It is no coincidence that this impressive mix of culture, culinary delights and regional shopping attracts more than 5 million visitors during these 7 months.

First, let’s park in a huge space. Tip: Take a photo of the parking area! We have already visited “Global Village” several times and looked for the car every second time. However, most tourists don’t have this problem because they arrive by cab, which stops right outside the entrance. There are five different entrances, whereby from our point of view entrance 1 is also the “number one” on the beauty scale.

Whether we are in the year 23 or 24, it takes less than 25 seconds to be greeted, but not hassled, by various street vendors with the familiar ulterior motives after entering the “Global Village”. The children rush straight to the balloon seller. In order to relax and enjoy the shopping, gastronomy and entertainment attractions, we postpone the purchase of a balloon until the end of our tour.

Finally, those who simply want to watch tourists at the start can marvel at how practically everyone feels overwhelmed by this very special backdrop.

The numerous pavilions around the world

At the top of our story list – not to be confused with the shopping list – is shopping. “Global Village” refers to more than 70 countries that are represented here. The focus is logically on the Middle East. The following pavilions have a special appeal for us.

  • India: Indian dresses with their patterns and bright colors have long had the privilege of being everyday clothes for me. Either way, it’s worth making a stopover here. A dress costs around 40 euros. We also find some kitschy jewelry, bags of all kinds and typical oriental spices.
  • Yemen: It is said that honey is liquid gold – and of course this comes at a price. In the Yemen pavilion, right by the entrance, there are many different types of honey, some of which come from caves. We can taste the honey before we buy it. The smallest unit costs around 25 euros. In addition to honey, there are very fine nuts and special spices.
  • Thailand: As soon as the scent of eucalyptus emerges, the Thailand pavilion awaits us. A specialty here is the famous tiger balm. Invented 150 years ago by the chemist Aw Chu Kin, it works wonders for colds. It also promotes blood circulation and helps to alleviate joint pain. The more affordable children’s clothes and toys form a completely different range. Typical Thailand, many things are made of plastic.
  • Japan: If you appreciate delicate, intricately crafted porcelain and want to take home a teacup as a souvenir, for example, you have to stop here. Beautifully embroidered napkins or unusual table linen are just two of the many other products on offer. There is a grocery store with Japanese delicacies right at the entrance. Lovers of sushi in particular feel a compulsion to buy here.

In addition to our favorites, every other pavilion attracts visitors with its typical local delicacies. Whether 70 or, as sometimes mentioned, more than 90 countries, “Global Village” really is like a trip around the world in just a few hours. The only veto we know of is our six-year-old daughter with an understandable lack of interest in shopping. That’s why one part lives out the joy of searching for culinary delicacies, the other part goes to the amusement park to the delight of our daughter.

Racing lanes in the pergola park

It’s not a typical, small, Italian luna park – after all, this is Dubai. It’s loud, spotlights are shining everywhere. There are lots of courses for younger children, but also gigantic courses that are too extreme for us. You need a Wonderpass for a fast ride. There are plenty of sales counters or counters to buy and top up this pass with points. Prices start at 35 euros. The points scoring varies depending on the course. We always bear in mind the justified size restrictions that apply to every railroad, because ultimately we want to avoid all risks with our daughter.

In addition to the Luna Park, there are other attractions such as a 4D theater, a mirror maze, an interactive museum “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”, a stunt show and, more recently, a mini golf course. Due to the concentrated load of free attractions, we can easily push an additional show to the side or at least postpone it. Only the very impressive stunt show is more than just recommendable for all age groups.

Musicals, dance shows or fast cars flying through the air

Practically everyone downloads the free app to get an overview of the shows that can be visited free of charge and thus plan the program optimally. The shows are similar in style to Broadway musicals. All the artists are absolutely professional, and even a second visit to the same musical

Is tempting because of the excellent quality. The children’s arena is particularly attractive for the little ones. The stage is close by and the children can sit next to the many bears on the audience terrace.

Stomach growls – no problem in the Global Village

After two or three hours full of impressions, the appetite is big. Anyone out and about with small children will realize that the park is also big, very big, as a glance at the pedometer confirms. But that’s not the end of this little trip around the world. Whether it’s a baby carriage or a remote-controlled car, you can also hire such items at the entrance.

The dining options are well distributed throughout the park. The cuisine in the “Global Village” is also top class. We have restaurants all over the world, but not excellent street food stalls, which makes the decision easy for us. We get an Indian dal, ideal for sharing. Delicious dynamite shrimps and a Thai papaya salad follow. Curly fries and an Italian pizza are an inexpensive treat for the kids.

There are the following street food areas:

  • Railway Market (inspired by the famous Maeklong train market in Bangkok), complemented by sweet temptations.
  • Happiness Street – a culinary mix.
  • Fiesta Street (Mexican street) offers delicacies from Italy to Japan.
  • Indian Chaat Bazar – focuses primarily on Indian cuisine
  • Floating Market – focuses on Tailand cuisine.

Additional information on the “Global Village”

  • Opening hours: October 18 to May 28 from 4 p.m. to midnight
  • Admission: approx. 7 euros. We recommend buying tickets online to avoid queues.
  • WiFi: free of charge
  • Parking: There is free parking or valet parking for around 25 euros.
  • Dogs: Dogs are prohibited.
  • Rollerblades, bicycles, skateboards: they are not allowed.
  • Clothing: Appropriate clothing is recommended – no tank tops or short skirts.
  • App: There is a free app that we highly recommend. All important information is available there, as well as the show times.
  • WC: In our opinion, there are too few toilets. In particular, these needs must be met in good time with children.
  • Seating options: Benches can be found, but there are not enough. A towel solves this problem, as there is the possibility of resting on a dry meadow practically everywhere.

One thing is guaranteed during a visit to the “Mini World”: After a visit to the “Global Village”, it is pleasant to fall asleep. Children usually don’t even wait for the end of the return journey. Everyone, including the little ones, needs days to process all the fantastic impressions.

Your Sascha

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