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Dubai attractions – our 7 favorites for different needs

Anyone who follows our blogs about Dubai is sure to be impressed by the wealth of attractions, just like we are. But which are the best, the cheapest and the most popular offers and which are our personal favorites?

Let’s start with Dubai Kids tips to keep the younger children happy.

As we all know, younger children can get bored during a visit to a museum and be correspondingly petulant. However, there are some Dubai attractions that are particularly appealing to children because of the activities they offer. It is particularly enjoyable when children can play independently of their parents.

Dubai Activities Kids

OliOli Dubai Museum

The “OliOli” Dubai is an eventful museum for young and old, which becomes a feel-good oasis thanks to its many activities. The fun activities often make children reluctant to leave even after hours of playing.

The name “OliOli” is Hawaiian and means joy – an apt description for this museum. With eight galleries over two floors, it offers visitors an extraordinary sensory experience. We owe the idea behind OliOli to prominent educators, artists and developmental psychologists from all over the world.

Winner of the 2021 Tripadvisor Traveler’s Choice Award, OliOli Dubai offers a perfect combination of family activities, education, recreation and interactive experiences.

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Admission from: 34 Euro


“KidZania” in the Dubai Mall offers more than 80 variants of role-playing games in which children can imitate the activities of adults in real life. The center is designed to scale like a small town with buildings, paved streets, vehicles and a functioning economy, supported by stores of well-known brands.

In KidZania, the kids visit various facilities such as a hospital, a fire station, a beauty salon, a bank, a radio station, a supermarket, a TV station, a restaurant or a theater. In doing so, they earn “kidZos” (the currency of KidZania). In addition, they can open a personal savings account at the bank in KidZania and receive a debit card that they can use at ATMs. The money you earn can be spent either on this day or on future visits. The center also has a separate area for small children.

Admission from: 20 Euro

Dubai also offers unforgettable experiences for teenage children. On the one hand, action provides an adrenaline rush, while on the other, the skills of a detective are required. The aim of these attractions is not only to give pure pleasure, but also to preserve beautiful memories.

Kidzania Dubai a Dubai museum for children with great activities including driving a car, distributing DHL letters or becoming a dentist

Highlights for teenage children:

Escape Hunt

Immersing yourself in fascinating worlds, taking on fast-paced missions and challenges against the ticking clock is the theme here. The pressure rises, the adrenaline pulsates, time threatens to run out. “Escape Hunt” is an experience that visitors experience live. It is a thrilling gaming experience in which the Hunter is transported to other eras. The global game design team at Hunt Studios is behind the tricky puzzles.

Watch out: Age restrictions must be observed! For most games, children are only allowed from the age of 7.

Admission from: 50 Euro

Aventura Park Dubai

Experience and learn in the midst of nature in Dubai’s largest adventure park. This Ghaf tree forest extends over 35,000 square meters and offers families and groups the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy exciting, unforgettable experiences! Whether strolling through the botanical gardens or observing the magnificent bird life.

But also prepare yourself for a special thrill in the high ropes course in Aventura Park. In order to offer something for everyone, the park is divided into five levels of difficulty. The lowest ropes course is designed for children aged 4 to 7 years and is only 30 cm high.

The attractions in the Aventura Park, which is located in Murshif Park, include an obstacle course and a zip line, specially designed for schools and companies as a team-building activity. A cozy “Ghafé” with delicious, home-made dishes rounds off the visit.

Admission: from 35 euros

iFly Dubai

Dubai offers an indoor skydiving experience that makes the dream of flying come true. Regular guests of “iFly Dubai” describe this experience as a mixture of bungee jumping, parachuting and even base jumping. At iFly Dubai, you hover up to four meters in the air and are accompanied by an experienced flight instructor. This flight sets new standards in the world of vertical wind tunnels as the world’s first double vertical wind tunnel and the first tunnel directly attached to a shopping center.

In addition, iFly Dubai has air conditioning to ensure that nobody gets too hot at altitude. The impressive wind tunnel stretches an astonishing 10 meters and has a plexiglass wall that provides a breathtaking view. The state-of-the-art, patented technology ensures maximum safety and is suitable for pilots of all levels of experience, from beginners to professionals. Qualified flight instructors ensure that the flying experience can be enjoyed in a controlled environment.

Admission: from 35 euros

Dubai attractions without children

When looking for extraordinary experiences for a stay without children, the focus is different. You can choose between action and relaxed beach clubs. For example, if you don’t see any fish while diving, you will discover a billiard table.

Deep Dive Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai is an exciting addition to the city’s thriving sports and adventure scene and the ideal place for all water sports enthusiasts. Opened in July 2021, the leisure center impresses with a 60-meter deep pool, which has been certified by Guinness World Records as the deepest plunge pool in the world.

In addition to its impressive depth, the pool offers unique underwater facilities such as a “sunken city”. Divers can swim through deserted streets and discover fascinating details in this modern underwater landscape reminiscent of Atlantis.

The building design in the shape of an oyster pays homage to the heritage of pearl diving in Dubai. Before the discovery of oil, pearls were the most profitable source of income.

Admission from: 225 Euro

For those who prefer to chill out without the action and adventure, there are countless beach clubs in Dubai. We take you to places where we particularly like it.

Kyma Beach Dubai

For its authentic Greek dishes such as seafood, grilled meats and wraps – served right on the beach – KYMA is the place for ultimate vacation vibes.

The KYMA Beachclub on Palm West Beach is more than just a Greek taverna. It’s a cool beach club where the food, the scenery and the ambience speak for themselves. Created in collaboration with the luxury St. Regis Dubai hotel, KYMA offers a sophisticated experience for guests who want to sip a mixed drink, feel the sand under their feet and enjoy the sea breeze.

The stylish design, including white and latte-colored beach towels on cream-colored loungers, macramé umbrellas and driftwood side tables, gives the club a chic, boho-inspired vibe.

What – there’s a beach club in the desert? That’s right, there is a desert club. Words cannot describe this magical place, you simply have to experience it!

Admission from: 50 Euro

Terra Solis Dubai

The Tomorrowland Terra Solis offers various lounges and daybed areas that provide a breathtaking view of the pool area. However, this magical location, just 30 minutes from Dubai Airport, is not a festival. It’s a place in the Dubai desert to feel good and relax while the DJs present their hot beats.

Visitors come for just one day to chill out or eat, or stay for several days and nights. Either way, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed. Experiencing the starry sky over the desert is a festival in itself.

Tip: Make sure you book everything in advance and arrive on time. It is often fully booked, especially at weekends. For example, reserved loungers are passed on after just 15 minutes.

Admission from: 50 Euro

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