Illusions A Look Behind The Scenes Of Reality In The Museum

Illusions – a look behind the scenes of reality in the museum

Who doesn’t know it – who doesn’t like it? The art of deception fascinates us all. However, this is not about fraud, but about the fascinating way in which the human eye can be deceived. Surprisingly, Dubai offers a diverse selection of museums that present this fascinating topic in an exciting way.

We visited all the museums and would like to share with you in this blog what particularly impressed us and which aspects did not fully meet our expectations. Of course, we also provide tips to ensure that your stay in Dubai is carefree and enriching.

Join us on this journey through the fascinating world of the art of deception!

Museum of Illusion

The Museum of Illusion awaits you in the heart of the Al Seef district. At first glance, it may seem small, and you may ask yourself: is it even worth a visit? However, the entrance fee of 15 euros per person seems worthwhile to us. Allow about 60 minutes for your visit to the museum.

But what can you expect here? The museum is all about optical and physical illusions. It is great fun even for children aged 5 and over. The helpful staff, who are always on hand to help, deserve an exclamation mark. It is not always clear where the ideal location is to optimize the visual event.

Right at the start of the museum, you are confronted with a number of images that challenge your eyes. Are the lines straight or do they bend? Does the circle close or does it remain open? Here you can safely leave your camera or smartphone in your pocket, because many pictures are in motion and the effect in a photo is not the same as in reality.

In the next room, everything is overwhelming for the time being. Where should we look, where should we stand? But then a nice woman comes towards us to explain how we should proceed. The impressive photos taken here speak for themselves.

The journey takes us further into the vortex tunnel, where the body experiences a complete physical illusion. As we pass through the tunnel, we have the feeling that the bridge is swaying and shaking, similar to a rollercoaster at a funfair. Our daughter Ayleen thinks it’s great fun every time she visits and runs through the tube several times. Another highlight are the anti-gravity rooms, in which it seems as if we are standing on our heads.

There are many more highlights, and one thing is certain: the museum offers countless photo subjects that can be placed directly on Instagram or in the family album.

To enjoy these “impossible” images, we recommend a long walk through the newly designed Al Seef district with its nearby souks after the museum visit. A stopover at the Arabian Teahouse with a delicious lunch is the perfect end to the tour.

3D Selfie Museum

A few steps after the entrance, we immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of selfies in the “3D Selfie Museum”. 3D artworks and optical illusions on themes such as the animal world, the water world, fantasy and humor are everywhere. For a perfect photo, you need a kind of map that explains how and where to position yourself. Fortunately, every photo location has such clear instructions.

The precise descriptions basically make it easy to take great pictures. But how does this work when someone is traveling alone? Unfortunately, nobody supported us on our first visit. This is disappointing because we don’t have a photo with the whole family. According to various reviews, we can confirm that the helpfulness of the staff varies. However, some visitors have praised the support.

With or without help, a visit to the 3D Selfie Museum is definitely worthwhile. Allow about 60 minutes. The cost is 25 euros per person for adults and 18 euros for children aged 3 to 11. Whether alone or in a team, you can definitely capture Instagram-worthy snapshots here.

Magic Park in the Dubai Glow Garden

The Magic Park Dubai is part of the Dubai Glow Gardens. As the name suggests, the Dubai Glow Garden only reveals its true attraction in the dark, based on the concept of “light”. When we visited the park for the first time, we arrived too early – in daylight. To bridge the waiting time until dark, we visited a small museum that promises a journey into the world of illusions.

When compared with the “Museum of Illusion” and the “3D Selfie Museum”, the Magic Park fails to impress. Although there is sufficient staff, we feel that the support is sometimes inadequate. For this reason, we cannot recommend the Magic Park without reservation. Alternatively, there are fascinating attractions such as “The Frame”, which is located right next door.

OliOli Museum

Now we enter the fascinating world of children. It is a world full of illusions that inspire the children, which is valuable for their personal development. The “OliOli Museum” accompanies children aged 3 to 10 years on their individual development to encourage their creativity, curiosity and imagination. It also aims to put the world of plastic and consumerism into perspective.

The children have to do everything themselves. Whether it’s putting together a Lego car, which then races down the steep track, or coloring in various motifs, which are then read by a scanner to finally see these drawings (airplanes, spacecraft and buses) drive past the wall. Of course, we also painted the Swiss flag with Ayleen, which appears large and is therefore easy to find.

The OliOli also has an impressive spider’s web where children can really let off steam. Have you ever experienced 100 km/h winds? No? Together with your children, you can go into a small chamber in which wind speeds of over 100 km/h are simulated. You should have seen our faces! The corresponding photo is no longer Instagram-worthy, but this hell of a chat remains a great memory.

We always enjoy going to the OliOli Museum with Ayleen. It’s more of a summer activity, because we prefer to be outside during the winter months. Admission costs 35 euros, but you can easily spend three hours there. There is a small café, but we are not convinced by the selection. On the other hand, it is pleasant to be able to consume your own snacks.

Tip: Make sure you bring spare clothes for the children. At the end, the little ones can let off steam in the “wet area” with numerous water activities that get them wet from head to toe. We also recommend that you bring slippery socks, as they are compulsory in certain areas. These socks can be purchased for 2.50 euros. Dry or wet – OliOli is fun!

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