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The great travel preparation

Travel preparation is the most important thing. Despite having traveled to over 40 countries and having experience as passionate travelers, we have to admit that it occasionally happens that we do not prepare ourselves in the best possible way. For this we need a travel checklist! In this blog post, we share our insights on what we think is crucial to enjoying your vacation completely stress-free.

Before departure:

Visa / Passport Information for Travel Preparation

Flat Lay Visa Application Assortment

You may have already found out if you need a visa for travel to Dubai. If not, we strongly recommend that you check this immediately. While many nationalities can obtain a visa on arrival, some must apply in advance. Here you can check if you need a visa.

It is important that the passport is valid for at least six months on the day of arrival in Dubai. For example, if you land in Dubai on January 1, the passport must be valid until at least July 1.

It is part of the travel preparation: Travel and health insurance:

Close Up Doctor With Stethoscope

Although no one wants it, unforeseen events can always occur. Sudden illness or emergencies at home may require an immediate return trip. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you take out travel and health insurance. The easiest way is to check the offers and conditions in your home country. This way you are optimally covered during your trip.

Credit cards / Money: what do I need?

Visa and MasterCard credit cards are widely accepted in Dubai, while other credit or debit cards may not be as widely accepted. It is important to note that each bank has its own rules and fees for using cards abroad, which can occasionally be quite costly.

If you still have time, we recommend considering getting a card with low or no foreign transaction fees. A recommended platform for this is Revolut, which offers a fair and smooth way to use and manage money worldwide.

For the current exchange rate from AED to Euro you can check the following currency converter. Note that exchange rates can change, so it is advisable to check for updates regularly.

For my electrical appliances, do I need which international plug?

England Grossbritannien Adapter

The power voltage in Dubai is 220 V at 50 Hz and uses the British plug type G. Adapter plugs are readily available. If you are traveling from America or Japan, make sure your chargers are suitable for the voltage used in Dubai to avoid charging problems.

What apps do I need in Dubai:

Download the most important apps before you leave, if possible, to prepare for your trip. So you’re ready to go right after landing. Find out which apps are essential for your vacation in our blog post. There we also list everything you need to know regarding free apps.

Consider your clothing when preparing for your trip so that you have the right clothes with you:

Family With Their Daughter Dog Walking Out

We are moving in an Arab country where it is generally considered impolite to show too much naked skin. Nevertheless, Dubai is an extremely diverse and tolerant city that accepts people of all religions and clothing styles. Nevertheless, we recommend that you bring some specific items of clothing. It is important to distinguish between the different places in Dubai.

Let’s start with the more casual parts of Dubai, like the beach clubs and nightlife: Here you are welcome to dress sexy and extravagant – naked skin is welcome here. So pack your boho dresses for afternoons at the beach club and dance in the evening at the club with your high heels. The next morning and day will follow 😉

If you’re going to a brunch at a hotel, keep in mind that it can often be very chilly inside due to the air conditioning. For sensitive people, especially women, we recommend taking a thin sweater or a scarf. You are welcome to dress fancy for brunch, but we prefer more “classy” attire. As a woman, you don’t have to cover your body completely, but I (Ines) like to prefer airy maxi dresses instead of a short skirt.

Can I wear what I want in the shopping mall? There is a sign on the Dubai Mall website:

Image 1

I can assure you that by far not all ladies adhere to these dress codes. I’ve seen it all here, but personally I also dress to fit. No strappy shirts or hot pants. Of course, you don’t have to leave the mall if there’s a little too much skin on display.

Finally, there are religious sites and traditional restaurants and stores. Please follow the rules here and cover your skin.

What kind of weather can I expect in Dubai?

Dubai Tmp Ae

Source Weather2visit

Sun worshippers are welcome in Dubai, as the sun shines here every day, and I really must say that I have rarely seen such stunning sunrises and sunsets. We love the warmth and summer clothes, so we settled here. Dubai is a year-round destination, with the summer months of July and August being particularly hot. During this time, life increasingly shifts inside. However, Dubai offers countless indoor attractions, so this is not really a limitation.

However, if you want to enjoy the beach and outdoor dining, we recommend coming during the other months – and there are, after all, ten of them. Otherwise, you should bring really light clothes and just a thin sweater for indoors. In January, however, it can occasionally get chilly, and it can be windy. Here we even recommend a light jacket and sneakers with socks. But don’t forget the most important accessory: the swim trunks!

What language is spoken in Dubai?

The official language in Dubai is Arabic, although there are also several dialects. However, the most commonly spoken language in Dubai is English. If you want to be polite, it’s a nice gesture to learn some Arabic words – it’s much appreciated by the locals. 😊 However, among tourists or even expats, the same words are always mentioned – you can find them here:

German – Arabic words for travel preparation

Good day – Good evening / Salaam Malekoum

Thank you / shoukran

darling / habibi (for a man) habiti (for a woman)

God willing / Inshalla (there is a lot of hope behind this. An example similar: you order a craftsman to your home – his answer: Inshalla, which means, if God wills, then I will come by your house tomorrow).

God willed it [it may happen]” It is used to express a sense of awe or beauty towards an event or person just mentioned / Mashalla

Sorry / anā ʾāsef

Let‘s go / yallah

Absolutely, it can start now! If you have any further questions about trip preparation or need more information, I’m happy to help. Have fun and a great time in Dubai! 😊

Here we have another packing list for you as a travel preparation:

Bye from Dubai your


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