nicht binaere kinder der draufsicht die mit einem bunten spiel spielen 1
nicht binaere kinder der draufsicht die mit einem bunten spiel spielen 1

The wonderful play paradises for young and old

Why and which play paradise should I choose?

Dubai offers a variety of attractions for young and old alike. As a mother of a 5.5 year old daughter, I have attended many events with her over the years. However, in the course of time we had to realize that she was still too young for many events. A good example of this is Kidzania, where children learn trades and get a connection to money. An insider tip an exciting program for children from 5 years.

The tickets for children between 2-3 years cost about 30€ euros, from 4 years the entrance costs a good 50 euros per child. This can be costly, especially for families with several children. We visited Kidzania with our daughter when she just turned 4 and after the visit we were frustrated as she was simply too small for most of the activities. This shows that even if an attraction is advertised for certain age groups, this does not mean that it is really age-appropriate.

I present you some great play paradises in Dubai, which are especially suitable for small children. Some of these establishments even offer the option of dropping off children while parents browse the malls. Of course, there is a cost for these children’s paradise, but compared to the expensive large children’s attractions, they are rather affordable.

CusTours Tip:

  1. When you visit these children’s play paradises listed below, be sure to bring sliding socks. Otherwise, you will have to buy them on site for about 2.5 euros. We can recommend you good sliding socks, which you can find here on Amazon.
  2. Most malls are open from 10am to 10pm, 7 days a week. During this time, the children’s entertainment venues listed below are also open.
  3. The prices for all the mentioned places are between 15 and 25€ for the first hour, with the following hours costing between 5 and 15€.


Our age recommendation for this play paradise: Children up to approx. 8 years

Where is LaLaLand located?

What to expect:

In LaLaLand’s indoor play area, the facility offers a wide range of activities, including a soft play scaffold (an enclosed climbing structure), inflatable slides, obstacle courses, jumping areas, interactive games and more. These activities not only keep children happy and active, but also contribute to their health.

The genuine joy and excitement in the eyes of young visitors as they enter the magical world of La La Land will keep them coming back to this facility. In addition, the children have the opportunity to exercise their creative skills in the area of arts and crafts. LaLaLand offers activities such as ceramic painting, wood painting, stone painting, glitter art, face painting, 3D art, play dough, various Xbox games and much more to make the kids shine.

For the very young, the Toddler Court is available (for children 3 and under), where they will find a toddler-sized inflatable bounce house, a safe play area and peers to play with. All areas are strictly supervised by trained personnel to ensure the safety of the children.

Ivkapbix Fabyland


Our age recommendation for this play paradise: Children in soft play up to 6 years, in the other activities up to approx. 9 years.

Where is Fabyland located?

What can I expect?

Fabyland is a versatile entertainment offer for both young and older children. In addition to soft play areas, it also offers trampolines, race tracks, games and more. The offer may vary depending on the shopping center. Although some families choose Fabyland, we personally prefer daycares that focus more on skill and perseverance, rather than just plastic things and the often noisy hustle and bustle.

Tastes differ, of course, and the beauty of Dubai is that there is something for everyone. The city offers a wide range of activities that cover different styles and interests. Ultimately, it is important that both parents and children are satisfied with the choice and can spend a fun time

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Orange Wheels

Our age recommendation for this play paradise: Children up to approx. 6 years

Where is Orange Wheel located?

What can I expect?

Get ready for the ultimate edutainment experience at Orange Wheels! Here your children are not just in an ordinary play paradise, but in a magical place where they can play, discover and express their creativity.

The vision is to take edutainment to a whole new level. Orange Wheel is not only about education and entertainment, but first and foremost about meaningful engagement and learning. With great activities like movement games, music, dance and arts and crafts, they make it a safe and stimulating environment for the children to live out their imaginations. Orange Wheels is the place where your kids can learn to play, have fun and really interact with the world around them.


Stay & Play

Our age recommendation: for this play paradise children up to approx. 7 years.

Where is Stay&Play located?

What can I expect?

Stay and Play offers your kids maximum fun while you take some well-deserved time off. In the Stay & Play indoor playground in Dubai this is possible. Here your children can play and socialize in a safe, well-maintained and spacious play area. All locations are staffed by a team of trained and qualified nannies, so parents can shop, dine and relax without worry.

Cheeky Monkeys Ajman

Cheeky Monkey

Our age recommendation for this play paradise: Children up to approx. 7 years

Where is Cheeky Monkey located?

Cheeky Monkey Branches are spread all over the city and most of them are located outside shopping malls. Here you can see where:

What can I expect?

Play is critical to children’s mental and sensory development, especially in the early years as they gain confidence, learn to play and share. At Cheeky Monkeys Playland, an award-winning soft play and children’s birthday center for kids 10 months to 8 years old, you can expect:

  • A playground of over 3000 square meters full of fun
  • A play structure with up to 5 levels with slides, trampolines and climbing frames
  • Daily free children’s activities
  • Stimulating play structures and a ball playground for toddlers
  • A life size monkey clubhouse
  • Hot and cold drinks and treats while parents enjoy our free wifi

Playing allows your children to explore their creativity, develop their imagination, and strengthen their physical, cognitive, and emotional skills. Play promotes healthy brain development as children perceive and interact with their environment at an early age. Play allows children to create and explore a world where they can overcome fears and play roles.

Unstructured play teaches cooperation, sharing, negotiation, and conflict resolution while teaching children decision-making skills and building their self-confidence. Children move at their own pace and discover their interests when they play independently.


Leo & Loona

Our age recommendation for this play paradise: Children up to approx.10 Years

Where is Leo & Loona located?

What can I expect?

Leo & Loona Park at Dubai Festival City Mall is an entertainment park specially designed for children. The park offers over 30 attractions designed to provide an entertaining and educational experience for younger visitors. This includes a large soft play area, trampolines, a ball pool, a soft pool with fighting bridges, climbing walls, high-quality pedal go-karts from BERG, a magic sandbox and much more.

Of particular note is the huge soft play area, specially designed for infants and toddlers to allow them to romp and play safely. The trampolines, ball pool and soft pool with fighting bridges provide hours of fun and adventure.

In addition, there are climbing walls that not only develop children’s motor skills, but also boost their self-confidence. BERG’s high-quality pedal go-karts offer children the opportunity to improve their dexterity and coordination while riding on the course.

What I particularly like is the restaurant. It is located directly behind a glass wall with a direct view into the game world. The children can say “hello” at the window. For me, this means that I can dedicate myself to the blog while my daughter plays

And finally:

There are other play paradises, there is also almost every hotel has a supervised nursery. However, the places listed above are highly recommended from our point of view, especially if parents want to use the time for shopping. And the offer in the shopping malls is gigantic.

Our daughter loves these play paradises and has already spent tens of hours there and always came out with a smile. And the most important thing we find is that me-time or time for two is essential as parents. For this reason, we are in favor of such places and will continue to use them in the future.

Bye from Dubai your


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