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5 particularly attractive cafés and restaurants in Dubai

“Human creativity is the true capital.” This insight is confirmed here in many coffees. Dubai is also a mecca for foodies. It has a whole range of urban food courts, cozy traditional eateries and excellent gourmet restaurants. The question may be asked: aren’t we all “foodies” who like to be pampered?

The vast array of fine dining options is one of the reasons why we love living in Dubai. Not forgetting the option of having everything a gourmet’s heart desires delivered directly to their home. The dilemma with the relatively heavy traffic requires a differentiated approach. Are you really prepared to sit in the car for 45 minutes to enjoy an exceptional coffee or take on the stress of traffic for a delicious burger at Kite Beach? There’s nothing wrong with a trip to the beautiful Kite Beach, but we don’t think it should be limited to the food alone.

This raises the question: for example, do you enjoy a fine meal at home just as much as in a restaurant with an exceptional atmosphere?

We want to show you where you can find individual or non-mainstream coffees in Dubai. Our selection is made up of very beautiful restaurants that are lovingly and artistically furnished.

Coffee “To The Moon & Back

TTMB Coffee is located in the residential area of Jumeirah. One thing that many people appreciate is the quiet surroundings, which gives this restaurant a very special charm. It is not located in a huge shopping mall, like the Dubai Mall , nor directly on the beach, but in a district that is characterized by its cosiness. Like the name of the coffee “to the moon and back”, the design is also extravagant. Inside, there are only a dozen tables with sofas or chairs. But normally you can find a place.

A relaxed breakfast at the TTMB is very popular with us. The food is simply fantastic, even for those who tend to settle for standards at breakfast. A colorful mixture of different culinary worlds is offered here. The only thing we can’t say is how fish tastes at breakfast. Our three favorite dishes at TTMB are:

  • Very Green: Poached egg with grilled halloumi, lemon hummus and dukkah
  • Cinnamon waffles
  • Blueberry pancakes with caramelized pineapple and berry compote

In addition to the classic coffee varieties, this café offers a variety of milk alternatives, which we really appreciate. There is also no shortage of fresh juices and all kinds of mixed drinks.

Conclusion: The “To The Moon & Back” café is a quiet place, ideal for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle or need to work in peace. However, it is not child-friendly as it does not have a play corner. What’s more, the plastic menu cards really don’t match the stylish interior.

  • Address: La Plage Residence – Al Athar Street – Jumeirah 2 – Dubai
  • Opening hours: daily 7 am to 11 pm

The Villa Margot oasis in the business center

The question of whether the Villa Margot is a coffee house, a gallery, a flower store or a store is probably on everyone’s mind when visiting this location for the first time. The answer is simple: it’s a mixture of everything. Especially if you want to be inspired to write a blog by beautiful pictures and fine fragrances, this is the right place for you. That’s why we often move our workplace to this “concept store”.

The people here are very accommodating, open to conversation and have no objections to us setting up our laptops for work. Although we have never eaten here before, we are now familiar with countless types of tea and coffee. But a visit to this “oasis” is not only worthwhile from this point of view. Who knows, you might be impressed by the beautiful pieces of jewelry or pictures and even find the perfect souvenir.

Conclusion: It is a fascinating location that stimulates all the senses. However, it is more of an art gallery and is therefore not an ideal place for children.

  • Address: Jumeirah 2, Wasl Road, Dubai
  • Opening hours: daily 10 am to 8.30 pm

Artisan – bakery and coffee at the highest level

Although this coffee and restaurant doesn’t deserve top marks for the style of the rear seating area, the sweets and food fully compensate for the lack of elegance. The food here is like a poem. The courteous staff is also particularly commendable.

Let’s start with the food. We often have breakfast here, and there is a simple reason for this. The bread is baked directly in the neighboring bakery and the smell alone is stunning, as freshly baked bread is a rarity in Dubai. Of course there are numerous grocery stores, but mostly you only get toast. That’s why it’s always a special treat for us to have breakfast here, especially at the weekend. The “Artisan” has various branches in Dubai. We often visit the one in Jumeirah, not least to go straight to the beach afterwards.

Our three favorites:

  • Mashed avocado egg
  • Chateaubriand Bearnaise sauce
  • Kid Macaroni and Cheese Pasta (our daughter’s favorite)

By the way, there is a cheese humidor in the Jumeirah branch. Here we can browse through a large selection of Swiss cheeses and get a taste of home.

Conclusion: It is ideal for a fine breakfast or a “treat” during the day. During the winter months, the beautifully designed inner courtyard is also open.

  • Address: Opposite Al Muherabah Masjid, Jumeriah Road, Umm Suqeim, Dubai
  • Opening hours: daily 7 am to 10.30 pm

“Casette ” – industrial look in the middle of a European avenue

We usually prefer warm colors, flowers and plants as a stimulating café backdrop. But we don’t find this in the “Casette”! Nevertheless, this stark contrast to the lush, green avenue “The Courtyard”, in which this coffee and restaurant is located, has a very special appeal for us. The food is excellent and the service, like almost everywhere in Dubai, is first class. However, the prices for this location are relatively high.

What can we recommend here? Almost everything! The three favorites mentioned below are particularly outstanding. But there are other dishes that we order again and again for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This coffee and restaurant is an “all-day and all-night” place for us. Obviously, the very dignified atmosphere suits us at any time of day, without us having to look for a deeper explanation.

Our three favorites:

  • French beef dip sandwich (be sure to order with truffle fries – they are incredibly delicious)
  • Burrata and Nectarine (dairy products are rather expensive in the UAE, so we rarely eat cheese – the burrata from Casette melts in your mouth)
  • Super Green Omelette

The fresh juices are also highly recommended. Rarely, but it does happen, do we have a recovery boost served here after a short night. It’s hard to believe, but afterwards we feel refreshed and fit for the new day.

Conclusion: If you want to experience a different day than usual, whether for relaxation, enjoyment or philosophizing, this is the right place for you.

  • Address: THE COURTYARD – 4B St – Al Quoz – AL QUOZ 1 – Dubai
  • Opening hours: daily 8 am to 6 pm

“Koko Bay ” – in your thoughts in Bali

“West Palm” is an area with many beach clubs, hotels and restaurants that is becoming increasingly popular. Although the sea is more attractive on many other beaches, there are people here practically around the clock, escaping from everyday life. During the day, children have fun in the sand and are entertained by the water fountains. In the evening, the promenade is transformed into glamor and glitter and becomes a kind of red carpet, and not just for many attractive women.

But now let’s stop off at “Koko Bay”. This club particularly appeals to us because it is not a conventional beach club. There is no pool or sun loungers, but there are large chairs and swings. Especially in the evening at sunset, it is wonderful outside in every respect. A gentle sea breeze, cool beats, the whole atmosphere is simply fantastic. But that doesn’t mean it’s just as exhilarating inside – whether for breakfast, brunch or simply a cup of coffee.

Our three favorites:

  • Vietnamese Beef and Green Papaya Salad
  • Giant River Prawns with Truffle Potato Mash
  • Risotto di Frutti di Mare

Conclusion: The prices are relatively high, but the location and atmosphere fully compensate for the expense. We are happy to extend our sympathy for the “Koko Bay” to the entire “West Palm” area. There are regular special offers here. It is therefore worth checking this in advance.

  • Address: West beach Palm – Jumeirah – Dubai
  • Opening hours: daily 10 am to midnight

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