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Dubai Nature Outdoor Attractions

For most people, black and white go together just as well as Dubai and nature. Others, however, compare Dubai and nature with yin and yang. The famous two polar opposite forces complement each other and do not fight each other – according to Chinese philosophy. More green oases are constantly being created in Dubai because both locals and tourists long for them. We have visited some of them and would like to show you three examples in this blog of how you can escape the hustle and bustle.

“The Green Planet” – a natural paradise of plants and animals

“The Green Planet”, which only opened 7 years ago, is home to more than 3,000 plants and animals, including birds, reptiles and fish. The huge dome in the center adorns the building. To really immerse ourselves in this paradise, we take the elevator and get off on the fourth floor.

Flying parrots come very close to us, and we can follow the feeding of the “screaming necks” in the immediate vicinity. There are sloths, toucans, snakes and many other animals that obviously feel at home in this mini jungle. The concept of strolling down in a circle from the fourth floor gives you the feeling of being in the middle of the jungle. The helpful, competent staff proved to be very pleasant. It puts the icing on the cake of a wonderful experience for young and old. We need around an hour on each visit to meander through everything, take photos and observe the animals closely.

There is now a nature park right next to the “the green planet” as a child-friendly addition. There is an outdoor playground with a treetop path for children. We have already been there twice, but have not yet had the opportunity to try out this amusement park because children without sneakers cannot get in or maintenance work is necessary. We therefore recommend that you consult the homepage before visiting.

“Dubai Safari Park” – an extensive zoo in nature

On our first visit to the Dubai Safari Park, we spent an hour and a half on the road. One thing has become clear to us. It takes at least three hours to discover the essentials. The park is so big that we feel we have to visit it again. It is a must to make a note of the show and feeding times as soon as you arrive and arrange your day accordingly. The “Africa” area proves to be the ideal starting point. Otherwise you have to take the train back there later. Directly in front of the Africa area is an outdoor play and climbing park, ideal for the kids to have fun.

before the start. Africa presents itself to us like a typical zoo. Animals can be observed up close here. Finally, the train route is an option if the entire route becomes too long. This mainly affects younger children. The advantage is the waiting time. There is a ride every 5 minutes.

After visiting the Africa Village, we recommend entering the safari area. Once there, a safari bus is waiting. The journey takes 45 minutes. Enough time to encounter the whole range of African “celebrities” such as monkeys, lions and zebras, to name but a few. A guide complements this foray through Africa with interesting facts. As there is no handhold, it is advisable to go to the toilet beforehand, especially with children.

The bird show is located directly opposite the Safari Explore Village. We recommend visiting the bird show directly after the safari drive, as it is timed to coincide with the safari. Without giving too much away, this show is really impressive. The feeling of being in contact with the birds is conveyed. There are also humorous interludes from the trainers. Just two or three steps away, you can watch the giraffes being fed, but only at certain times. For 10 AED (2.50 euros) we buy carrots to feed the “long-necks” ourselves and capture the experience in photos as a nice memory.

Everywhere in the Safari Park we find restaurants, ice cream and food stalls as well as plenty of toilets. After the safari park, we recommend a stop in the Asian area. If you are traveling with small children, the “Kids Farm” awaits you. However, the options here are limited. Although there is a petting zoo with goats, the pony – kept by a keeper – stands there like a bored donkey. In particular, there are no riding facilities. The turtles and the small animals behind bars can’t dress up the “Kids Village” either. The only really funny and special thing is the bird house, where little parrots hop around on the heads and shoulders of visitors. And anyone who doesn’t behave properly risks a gentle “bite” in the ear.

Finally, there is a really nice souvenir store at the exit with everything tourists could wish for. The reason why we visit the “Safari Park” so often is not the relatively low entrance fee, but the variety of impressions and indescribably beautiful experiences.

“Crocodile Park” – 250 crocodiles and exciting experiences

Not far from the Safari Park is the “Crocodile Park”, another relatively recent attraction in Dubai. The park may be small and rather expensive, but it has it all. As the name suggests, it is a room filled with crocodiles – no fewer than 250 of them. The guides, which tell us what only insiders know, prove to be valuable. Who knows, for example, that a crocodile can stay under water for an hour because its heart only beats every 40 seconds? Unbelievable! Inguinal crocodiles can live for up to a year without food, using only the fat reserves in their tails.

The Lodge Restaurant, which can also be visited by external guests, is particularly charming. From there you have an excellent view of the crocodile park.

After the part outside, the next step is into the museum. Here, too, a guide tells us many fascinating details. Crocodile teeth can also be picked up and baby crocodiles can be admired. In a third and final part – an aquarium invites us to follow the agile animals under water. One of the main reasons why we can unreservedly recommend this park, despite its small size, is the special ambience and the guides, whose knowledge enables us to immerse ourselves in an impressive habitat of strange animals.

Right next to the “Crocodile Park” is the “Mushrif Park”, one of the few parks in Dubai. There is a playground and even the option of hiring bicycles. We end our enjoyable walk through the green paradise with a coffee and take in the soothing green surroundings once again.

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