Latest Attractions In Dubai

Latest attractions in Dubai

Dubai’s new innovative and cultural gems

Dubai, the city of superlatives, has once again outdone itself and created a multitude of exciting attractions to attract even more visitors from all over the world. From breathtaking architectural wonders to cultural masterpieces, Dubai has something for everyone. In this blog, we will visit six new, fascinating gems in Dubai.

Cityland Mall

The first stop on our trip is the Cityland Mall, a shopping center of superlatives. With 1.2 million square meters, it is not only one of Dubai’s most important shopping malls, but also the world’s largest on one level. Visitors are particularly fascinated by the diverse gardens. The circular mall is dedicated to the themes of organic and sustainability, which represents another milestone for Dubai. With more than 350 stores, 75 restaurants, a cinema with 12 screens and a children’s amphitheater, the shopping center leaves nothing to be desired. As the location is somewhat outside the city, we recommend combining an additional visit – for example to the Global Village. Either way, an eventful day is guaranteed.

Arte Museum – Dubai Mall

Dubai experienced a new opening on February 19, 2024, which caused quite a stir. The Arte Museum, designed by the South Korean company “d’strict”, opened its doors on the second level of the Dubai Mall.

The Arte Museum started in Jeju (South Korea) in 2020 and then went on a world tour. The exhibition, which attracted a total of five million visitors, won several design awards, including the prestigious “iF Design Award”, two years in a row.

The “Eternal Nature” exhibition at the Arte Museum turns out to be an intense experience with 14 curated areas with the idea of illustrating the beauty and power of nature. The showpiece is the “Wave”, the show inspired by natural waves. Based on previous exhibitions, visitors can expect a visual space to intuitively connect with nature and enjoy moments of contemplation as an eternal natural embrace. Whether it’s watching eternally blooming flowers or simply taking in the timeless essence of nature.

Cloud 22 – Hotel Atlantis Royal

Probably the best view of the Dubai skyline can be found on Cloud 22, a breathtaking viewing platform located high up in the newest hotel, the Atlantis Royal, offering a 360-degree view of the city that perfectly complements the glamorous surroundings. A DayPool Pass costs around 60 euros. We recommend checking the offers directly on the homepage. Tip: Take “cool” clothes with you, because Cloud 22 also invites you to fantastic photo shoots and is therefore a popular platform for influencers.

Hot air balloon ride

An innovative attraction of a special kind is a hot-air balloon ride, which allows us to experience Dubai from a bird’s eye view. The lush desert landscape around Dubai is a special kind of enrichment from above. Famous landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa and the artificial islands also beckon from afar. The Dubai balloon ride starts at the Hotel Atlantis. It’s worth spending a day at the water park or on the beach before you set off. It is the most beautiful beach in Dubai, and not just for us. The prices in the restaurants are rather high. It should be noted that there is no alternative to the restaurants, as the Atlantis is located at the end of the Palm and there are only hotels. It is important to book your tickets in advance!

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

For those interested in culture and education, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library (MBRL) is an absolute must. This imposing library is far more than just an architectural masterpiece. Here we find, among other things, an extensive collection of books, manuscripts and historical documents that provide an insight into the rich history and culture of the region. By the way, the MBRL library organizes cultural events on an ongoing basis.

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Harbor” project

Last but not least, we take a look at the ambitious “Harbour” port project. Dubai’s newest status symbol, which will be completed in 2026, will further strengthen the metropolis as a global travel destination. This impressive project comprises luxurious apartments, first-class hotels, exclusive shopping facilities and exquisite restaurants, all with a view of the marina. If you want to buy a one-bedroom apartment of around 80m2, you have to spend a million euros. At the moment it “only” has the Bar Du Port, which lives up to its promise, and a harbor restaurant. The huge construction site around the harbor cannot be overlooked. The location is not the only reason why it is worth a visit.

All in all, Dubai offers a fascinating mix of innovation, culture and luxury with its latest attractions. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, a lover of art and culture or simply a connoisseur of Dubai’s beauty, the futurists always do their utmost to satisfy all tastes. Dubai does not have to wait until the major “Harbour” project is completed in 2026. It is already a destination magnet that attracts tourists worldwide!


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