Dubai 039 S Nightlife Sparkle And Glamor

Dubai’s Nightlife – sparkle and glamor

Dubai, the glamorous metropolis on the Persian Gulf, is not only known for its impressive skyline and luxurious shopping centers. The vibrant nightlife also sets special accents and deserves more than just an exclamation mark. From cool skyline bars and exclusive clubs to romantic dinner cruises, the choice is spoiled for choice in Dubai.

Rooftop bars – high above the skyscrapers

The rooftop bars (skyline bars), which are undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions, are an ideal prelude to immersing yourself in Dubai’s nightlife. These bars are by no means limited to breathtaking views. An exclusive atmosphere and a first-class selection of drinks are part of the inventory.

Auf einer Höhe von 442 Metern über der Erde ist die «At.mosphere Lounge» im Burj Khalifa als höchstgelegenes Restaurant ein Highlight besonderer Art. Ebenso beeindruckend und dementsprechend bekannt ist die «360°-Bar» im Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Here, the breathtaking view of the sea and the sophisticated atmosphere are a special treat. Other highly recommended addresses are the “Attiko Bar” with a view of the harbor and the “Vault Bar” in the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai, which will amaze you with its sophisticated ambience and exquisite cocktails.

We rely on the relevant website to keep us informed about the current nightlife. They are always up to date and enable us to plan the ideal evening out right through to the nightly farewell drink.


Nightclubs in Dubai are overwhelming

Dubai’s vibrant club scene is so diverse that night owls of all ages will find plenty to choose from. From exclusive clubs to lively lounges, we offer the best addresses for partygoers from our point of view.

1. **Cavalli Club:**

  • Tuesday to Saturday – 21:30 to 03:00
  • Minimum age 21 years

Der «Cavalli Club» ist bekannt für seine luxuriöse Ausstattung und seine exklusive Ambiance. This is where Dubai’s high society meets to dance and party. Der Club glänzt mit erstklassigen Cocktails, einer beeindruckenden Tanzfläche und regelmässigen Auftritten von internationalen DJs und Live-Künstlern.

2. **SohoGarden:**

  • Daily – 18:00 to 03:00
  • Minimum age 21 years

Der «Soho Garden» ist eine einzigartige Club-Lounge-Kombination und gehört deshalb zu den beliebtesten Hotspots in Dubai. The grounds include various areas, including a large open-air dance floor, cozy lounges and exclusive cabanas. With first-class DJs, live performances and a diverse selection of food and drinks, the “Soho Garden” is a must for every partygoer.

3. **Iris**

  • Monday to Saturday, 18:00 to 03:00
  • Minimum age 21 years

With locations in gateway cities around the world, Iris offers a modern lounge experience that brings an elegant, natural, sensual and free-spirited energy to any city we call home.

Iris Dubai is famous for its talented resident DJs, Saturday party brunch and lively ladies’ night. Night owls love the lively atmosphere, the view of the city skyline, the unmistakable sounds, the delicious food and the cocktails.

Nicht nur diese Clubs und Lounges bieten einzigartige und unvergessliche Erlebnisse für Geniesser des Nachtlebens. It is important to note the age specifications and opening hours.


Stargazing in the desert

Unique and romantic experiences in Dubai undoubtedly include a desert safari combined with a spectacular sunset. Providers such as “Caravanserai” and “Platinum Heritage” specialize in tours through the desert with the majestic sunset over the dunes as an additional highlight. After the safari, guests can expect a traditional Arabian dinner under the twinkling starry sky, accompanied by live entertainment with belly dancing and traditional music. For a particularly romantic experience, we recommend an overnight stay at the “Sonora Camp”. Having breakfast in the desert at sunrise is an unforgettable moment for us.

Night Safari Dubai

Dinner Schiffahrt mit musikalischer Begleitung

A dinner cruise along the Dubai Creek or the Dubai Marina is pure romance in Dubai. Companies such as “Bateaux Dubai” and “The Yellow Boats” offer exquisite dinner cruises on board luxurious ships. Von der atemberaubenden Skyline umhüllt wird ein Gourmet-Dinner serviert, ergänzt mit Live-Unterhaltung.

Ist das Schiff für eine Dinner-Kreuzfahrt zu gross oder gibt es individuelle Ansprüche, so stehen luxuriöse Yachten zur Verfügung, um vom Wasser aus das Lichtermeer Dubais zu geniessen. With a private charter, the night can be fully customized – from elegant dinner parties to fun dance events, all under the twinkling stars. Selbstverständlich ist ein erstklassiger Service inbegriffen. An increase is hardly imaginable, but it does exist. We enjoy being on the road and have our own idiosyncratic taste in music. So we hire a yacht with its own DJ according to the motto “nothing is impossible in Dubai”.

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Closing words

The abundance of late-night entertainment options in Dubai is immense. In principle, lovers of the afterlife only have one problem: getting up the next morning! In other words, can I drink alcohol in Dubai is also a question that tourists ask. We can consume alcohol in designated areas, for example in licensed hotels, restaurants and bars. And as we all know, an intoxicating night doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of alcohol. Whether on a yacht, in a rooftop bar or in a lounge, the scenery in Dubai is so intoxicating that alcohol consumption becomes a minor matter.

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