Hatta A Mountain Village Of Contrasts

Hatta – a mountain village of contrasts

Hatta is a picturesque mountain village in the eastern foothills of the United Arab Emirates and is known for its breathtaking scenery, historical sites and numerous outdoor activities. It is not without reason that Hatta is a popular escape destination for the inhabitants of the whirling metropolis of Dubai.

Arrival from Dubai:

The drive from Dubai to Hatta, 130 kilometers away, takes around one and a half hours. The route leads through a special desert landscape of the Emirates with spectacular views of mountains and valleys.

Overnight stays:

The diverse selection of accommodation in Hatta offers something for everyone. There are luxurious resorts, but also cozy guesthouses and camping. Practically every inventory includes a fantastic view into the distance and a relaxed atmosphere – in short, what everyone hopes for during a relaxing stay.


  • JA Hatta Fort Hotel: A luxurious resort with elegant rooms, a pool and various leisure facilities.
  • Hatta Sedr Trailers Resort: A unique experience with modern caravans surrounded by nature and offering all amenities.
  • Hatta Damani Lodges Resort: Comfortable lodges near the dam, ideal for a relaxing stay.


For the more adventurous, Hatta also offers camping opportunities near the dam and in the desert. These are designated campsites with facilities such as toilets and barbecue areas.

Restaurants and catering:

  • Hatta Hill Park Restaurant: This restaurant offers a selection of local and international dishes in the middle of the picturesque Hatta Hill Park. It is ideal for a relaxed lunch or dinner to perfectly round off a day of exciting activities.
  • Hatta Sedr Trailers Resort Restaurant: Guests of the Trailers Resort can also dine in the hotel’s own restaurant, which serves a variety of delicious dishes, both local specialties and international cuisine.
  • Picnic options: For an authentic nature experience, visitors can also take a picnic with them and enjoy it at one of the many picnic spots in Hatta, such as Hatta Dam or Hatta Hill Park.

Please note: The nearest liquid store (alcohol) is around 25 minutes away from Hatta. Alcohol can also be purchased in the hotels, but not at the campsites. If you prefer a beer, it’s best to take it with you.

Attractions in Hatta:

1st Hatta Dam: The Hatta Dam is not only a popular destination for tourists, but also for locals. Surrounded by impressive mountains and deep gorges, the dam is an ideal place for picnicking, kayaking or simply relaxing and enjoying nature. Kayaks and boats can be hired directly at the dam. No reservation is necessary.

2. Hatta Heritage Village: This restored village offers an insight into the traditional way of life in the Emirates. Visitors can see historic buildings, craft demonstrations and a small museum that shows the history of the region. The Heritage Village is partially closed. It is advisable to clarify this in advance.

3. Hatta Hill Park: Hatta Hill Park is a picturesque place for a walk or a picnic. With lush green spaces, playgrounds and viewpoints, the park offers a relaxing environment for families and nature lovers.

4. adventure activities: There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures in Hatta, including mountain biking, hiking, climbing and even zip-lining. The impressive landscape and mild climate are particularly worthwhile for active travelers. Detailed information can be found on the Hatta website.

5th World of Bees: The Hatta Honey Bee Garden is a fascinating attraction that takes visitors into the world of bees. Here we learn more about beekeeping. These include guided tours that focus on the importance of bees for the environment and the tasting of different types of honey.

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Please note:

Climate: The climate in Hatta can vary depending on the season. The summer can be hot, while the winter is mild and pleasant. It is therefore advisable to check the weather forecast and take appropriate clothing with you.

Reservations: Especially in high season, it is advisable to book accommodation and activities in advance.

Respect for culture: In the United Arab Emirates, it is important to respect local customs and traditions. This also applies to Hatta. Visitors should wear appropriate clothing and show cultural sensitivity.

Closing words:

In a world that is often characterized by hustle and bustle, Hatta offers a soothing oasis of peace and relaxation. Here, surrounded by majestic mountains, clear waters and an abundance of green spaces, visitors can experience the beauty of nature in its purest form. Whether hiking along picturesque paths, exploring historical sites or simply lingering in a quiet place – Hatta invites you to escape from everyday life and immerse yourself in the calming embrace of nature. With every breath of fresh mountain air and every moment of silence, Hatta becomes a retreat that refreshes and revitalizes body and soul.

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