Bab Al Nojoum Bateen Desert Hotel The Impressive Hotel In The Middle Of The Liwa Desert

Bab al Nojoum Bateen Desert Hotel – the impressive hotel in the middle of the Liwa Desert

The road to the majestic Liwa Desert is not a stone’s throw away. The desert begins 150 kilometers south-south-west of the capital Abu Dhabi on the northern edge of the Rub al-Chali desert. This journey alone is an unforgettable and unique experience. But it is not only because of the distance and beauty that it immediately becomes clear that the stay should include at least two nights.

In the middle of the dunes, a barely inhabited area in the heart of the Liwa Desert, we land at the Bab Al Nojoum Desert Hotel – anything but basic accommodation!


The Bab Al Nojoum Desert Hotel sits enthroned in the middle of the fascinating Liwa Desert, 230 kilometers from the metropolis of Abu Dhabi. The drive there is a journey of discovery through endless sand dunes. The route runs through a picturesque area and is a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The vastness of the desert also transports travelers mentally to another world. The hotel also offers its guests a transfer service – from various locations – which makes traveling to the hotel easy.


The Bab Al Nojoum Desert Hotel is much more than an ordinary accommodation. It is a luxurious oasis in the middle of the desert. The resort is home to villas of various sizes, but each one shines with comfort and elegance. Whether a small villa (50 m²) with one bedroom or a spacious house (102 m²) with three bedrooms, each accommodation is a welcome place of tranquillity with a breathtaking view of the mysterious surrounding landscape. The highlight of the luxury is undoubtedly the private pool, perfectly embedded in the seemingly endless sand dunes. The resort also has a central pool right next to the restaurant and a well-equipped fitness area.

Pool In Der W Ste
Bab Al Nojoum Bateen Liwa

Entertainment options:

Bab Al Nojoum Desert Hotel offers its guests a wide range of activities and entertainment options to stimulate all the senses and awaken the spirit of adventure. From an exciting desert safari or a camel ride to action-packed sandboarding and an ideal vantage point to watch the fascinating sunset or the clear starry sky, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the region. Incidentally, the scale of the Liwa Oasis is enormous. It stretches around 100 km in an east-west direction, along an arch that curves to the north.

The hotel’s cultural offerings are also worthy of note. These include lectures on life in the desert and visits to date farms. There is a trampoline and a climbing tower for younger guests. Unfortunately, there is no children’s club, which in our view is the only drawback in this desert paradise.

Sonnenuntergang W Ste
Schaukel Liwa Hotel


The gastronomic delights at the Bab Al Nojoum Desert Hotel are a culinary delight in a class of their own. The hotel restaurant treats guests to an exquisite selection of international dishes as well as traditional Arabic dishes prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Here, every meal becomes an unforgettable experience. Be it a sumptuous buffet, a fine à la carte menu or a romantic dinner under the twinkling starry sky in a special desert tent.

The all-inclusive offers, which include three meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well as a whole range of special activities such as the amusing sand dune slide, are particularly attractive.


If you are in the mood for extraordinary discoveries or are curious about a completely different world, you won’t miss anything during your stay at the Bab Al Nojoum Desert Hotel in the Liwa Desert. Here, visitors experience a mixture of oriental fairytale magic and fantastic adventures in the dunes. Excursions to be inspired by the dreamlike starry sky or impressive sunsets are just as much like an endless kaleidoscope of experiences as countless other activities.

Culinary delicacies, luxurious villas with a pool and extremely friendly staff transform this desert oasis into an oasis of well-being. The quote “Everyone needs a little desert now and then!” by Sven Anders Hedin (Swe, 1865 – 1952) has a different background. But for us it is a fitting statement for our unforgettable trip to the beautiful Liwa Desert.

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