Helpful Alcohol Tips For Dubai

Helpful Alcohol Tips for Dubai

In Dubai, Islam is the official state religion and plays a central role in the culture and daily life of the believing population. Nevertheless, this liberal emirate values the diversity of different religions. The government and people of Dubai are open and tolerant of people of different faiths. It is of great importance to show this respect also to the locals and their religion.

Another topic that needs to be addressed in this context is the use of alcohol. Unlike Europe and most non-Muslim countries, alcohol is not part of everyday life in Dubai. Alcoholic beverages cannot be purchased in grocery stores, kiosks, or restaurants, and you never see people consuming alcohol in public, as this is prohibited.

You can also buy red wine in Dubai. But only in certain stores

How to buy alcohol

However, there is a legal way to purchase alcohol. This can be done in one of the 21 MMI stores or online via MMI Online. Tourists (21 years and older) can buy alcohol only in physical stores and need only their passport. Locals must obtain a liquor license.

The process to obtain a liquor license in a few steps and we did it on the first try 🙂

  1. Registration with Licensedxb
  1. Receiving a confirmation email with a virtual license
  1. After that, the purchase of alcohol in MMI stores is legal and there are no quantity restrictions.

It is also possible to order alcoholic beverages online in MMI . Delivery is made to the doorstep within a few hours, and the presentation of the identity card (Emirates ID) is required upon receipt of the order. We cannot judge whether this is possible as a tourist, but presumably going to a physical store is easier for tourists

In Dubai you need an alcohol license to buy alcohol. This is possible in the MMI

How much does the alcohol cost, which is purchased in the store?

Since January 2023, the Emirate of Dubai has temporarily suspended the alcohol tax, initially for one year. These measures were taken to make the emirate even more attractive to foreign travelers. The abolition of the previous 30 percent tax on alcoholic beverages has led to much more affordable prices. Tourists now no longer have to apply for a liquor license.

To give an idea of the prices: A good rosé wine from the South of France (we love rosé from the South of France, so we know it very well) costs about 16-20 euros. There are also cheaper options, while a bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne costs about 50 euros. Six bottles of Amstel beer (33cl) cost about 10 euros.

Party in Dubai, yes, it's possible. However, only in hotels or restaurants that serve alcohol

Can I get alcohol in a restaurant / hotel / bar / club?

There are big differences here. Not every restaurant has the required liquor license, and some don’t want it. Unfortunately, there is no central regulation or website that provides an overview.

We recommend that any restaurant patron check in advance by reviewing the menu and beverage list on the restaurant’s website. Also apply to bars, beach clubs, discos, tinder mod apk etc.. Different rules, although we could see for ourselves that in almost all places, as we call them “place to be” alcohol is served.

Our TIP: If you want to drink a cozy aperitif on the terrace in your hotel / accommodation, then we recommend that you take a bottle opener with you. We had to experience it ourselves that we took a chilled bottle of white wine from the refrigerator and then….tatatata….could not open.

When calling the front desk, a staff member came and brought us a beer bottle opener. Opening a wine bottle like this is really difficult. Unfortunately, we then had to forego our aperitif. Spontaneously buying a bottle opener in Dubai is simply not possible, or only with very great effort.

Cab Dubai - a cab is always available and can be booked easily

Drinking and driving:

The blood alcohol limit for drivers in Dubai is 0.0%. This means that absolutely no alcohol is allowed behind the wheel, not even a beer. Please follow this rule as the penalties are very high and no one wants to spend their vacation at the police station. However, Dubai also offers a solution for this: Safedriveruae is a service that we find very attractive in terms of price and performance.

A simple WhatsApp message is all it takes, and within 30 minutes two drivers are at your door. One driver drives your car home safely while the other driver follows with his car. The service costs between 20 and 30 euros and can be paid in cash or by credit card. Another option is to leave the car at home and use only cabs. And finally, there is the simplest solution: the driver does not drink.

Importation of alcohol into the United Arab Emirates for non-Muslims:

Under the following link you will find information about what is allowed to be imported in Dubai.

To import alcoholic beverages duty-free into Dubai, the total quantity must not exceed 4 liters. No more than two cartons of beer are allowed, each containing 24 cans and 355 ml per can or equivalent.”

To import alcoholic beverages duty free into Dubai, the total quantity must not exceed 4 liters.

No more than two cases of beer are allowed, each containing 24 cans or 355 ml per can or its equivalent.

Our conclusion:

Dealing with alcohol here in Dubai is very easy for us to handle and we also speak here when we entered as tourists Don’t worry – stick to the laws and you can enjoy the beats in the club and also get back home safely.

Bye from Dubai and see you soon

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