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An exciting weekend at the “Legoland” theme park

And off we go to the “Legoland” theme park

Is there anything more beautiful than sparkling eyes of children? We surprised Ayleen for her 5th birthday with a weekend visit to Legoland. Legoland in Dubai is located towards Abu Dhabi about 30 minutes by car from Dubai’s center. If you don’t have a rental car, you can arrive by cab. The trip costs between 30 and 70 euros. Book the cab ride via the Careem app, so you can also order child seats if needed.

Until the day of the surprise, Ayleen has no idea of our plan. However, a child as young as five cannot imagine what he or she will experience anyway. Since our home is in Dubai, we only need a little luggage – toothbrush, swimming trunks and some clothes for the next day – and already we leave by car.

We did not leave our dog Malou in an ordinary dog hotel, but in the first-class dog hotel Dogwalk, where the animals are cared for lovingly and with respect. The team spends many hours actively with the dogs, which always leaves us feeling good about our trips.

After a short drive we are at our destination. Check-in at Hotel Legoland is quick and we are already standing at the entrance to the Lego theme park “Water”. Maybe you know the feeling – at every theme park there is this great music at the entrance. It reminds us of our childhood, when we first visited the Europa theme park with our parents.

But for now, we’ll use the map to show you what’s where.

This map shows the theme parks in Dubai. Where is the Legoland and Motiongate. You can also see the hotels, cab stands and restaurants

There are a variety of parks and attractions in the theme park area in Dubai, as well as plenty of accommodations for every budget. Of course, we chose the Legoland Hotel. Three guesses which room we booked. That’s right, it’s the Friends Girly room! 🙂

Behind the pool is the Legoland hotel

Other hotels in the area include Hotel Lapita and Hotel Rove.

In addition to the Legoland theme parks, there is also the Motiongate park, an action-packed park where your adrenaline will skyrocket. Unfortunately, the Bollywood theme park is no longer open. We do not know the exact reasons for this.

The newest attraction in the theme park area is the indoor playground “Neon Galaxy“. Neon colors shine everywhere. There are two areas, one for the younger children and one for the older children. The price is also much cheaper (about 20 euros for an hour), although, of course, the theme parks Legoland and Motiongate offer an all-day program and the time at Neon Galaxy is limited.

One thing is certain. In Legoland not the children run away, but the time. Therefore, we recommend Neon Galaxy as an attractive alternative. Of course, we visited it on another day, otherwise it would have definitely been too much of a good thing for Ayleen.

Let’s go into the cool water

No less than 20 rides and attractions are waiting for us. Of course, Ayleen immediately jumps into the fray and can’t decide where to go first. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get far, because we are immediately whistled back. Unfortunately, during our research we did not take into account the restriction of body size.

Although the website says that the park is ideal for children between 2 to 12 years, we were proven wrong. Ayleen has a height of 95 cm, which is why she is only allowed to visit four areas. While we readily admit that on the one hand this was enough for her and gave her enough fun, on the other hand this can be disappointing for a child. There are really no exceptions. Therefore, we recommend visiting the water park only if the child has a minimum height of 110 cm. This way you can take full advantage of the ticket. Unless there are also older children, so they can at least have a good romp.

In addition, the weather must be taken into account. The theme parks are open all year round, except for a few days for maintenance. In July and August it is very hot. Of course, there are shady places and the water is cooled, but we can not unreservedly recommend a visit during this period. In winter, from January to March, it can sometimes get very chilly. Our tip: bring spare clothes and extra bath towels to keep warm after bathing.

Here are some impressions from our day at the “Lego Water Park” theme park.

The day draws to a close – the night at Hotel Legoland

Ayleen is tired, and so are we. Fortunately, we no longer have to go home. The themed rooms are extremely cool in design. Although we don’t actually spend much time in it, since there’s plenty of entertainment at the Legoland Hotel, it’s another memorable experience. The restaurant in the hotel cannot convince with its atmosphere. It is in a large room, extremely deep refrigerated and offers only a buffet.

However, the prices are fair and we feel that the quality of the food is good. The hotel bar is open, but there are no drinks. Well, it doesn’t always have to be alcohol, but still, we would have loved a [ omit good ] glass of wine. Ayleen sits at the table for only a short time, and in no time she is back in the hotel lobby, where funny characters entertain her, and she can continue to let off steam in the bouncy castle.

Our conclusion: For one night it is a good and unforgettable adventure, especially for the children. However, one night was enough for us, even though we slept very well. Unfortunately, the rooms do not have a balcony, but there is a pleasant night’s rest after 10 pm, even for us.

Entertainment program at Legoland Hotel Dubai

Good morning calls the teddy bear from the theme park

After a delicious breakfast we already have to check out, because we spend the whole day in the theme park Legoland. Today we will not get wet, but will devote ourselves to the rides and attractions. Here, too, we unfortunately have to experience the same as in the water park. Ayleen is unfortunately a few centimeters too short for most attractions 🙁

But we don’t let it spoil our good mood, so we visited one track several times. Otherwise – at fairs – Ayleen is allowed on a track a maximum of twice. So this repetition is mega cool from her point of view and her vocabulary is therefore limited after each “ride”: again, please again 🙂

For children, the park is especially attractive because it is great for the eye. Everywhere there are Lego bricks in the theme park, fascinating figures, elegant tracks or spectacular drawings. There is also an area where you can play with Lego pieces. Please also pay attention to the weather here – in summer it is a no-go for us, because it is simply much too hot. However, in the months around March it is also fantastic from this point of view, respectively exactly the right time.

Img 1948
Legoland plane
Img 3401

Mini Dubai – this can also be found in Legoland

Absolutely, Mini Dubai is definitely worth a visit too! It offers a fascinating miniature version of Dubai’s impressive landmarks and buildings. It is amazing how detailed these miniatures are designed and how they reflect the beauty and splendor of this city. A walk through “little” Dubai is like a lightning trip along Dubai’s most important sights, all in one place and on an amazingly small scale.

From the iconic skyscrapers to the ornate mosques and palaces, this miniature allows visitors to experience Dubai’s architectural splendor in a unique way. It is not only entertaining, but also educational, especially for children. In a playful way they get a first insight of this city with its spectacular sights.

Mini Land Dubai is located in Legoland Dubai. There all the buildings are shown in miniature
Mini Land Dubai is located in Legoland Dubai. There all the buildings are shown in miniature

Closing words to the blog theme parsks

A renewed visit to Legoland for a day or two with our daughter is only – as mentioned above – her height (at least 110 cm) in the way. Fortunately, this will be the case during the winter months. Next on our list is the “Motiongate Theme Park” – we will report on our experiences after the visit.

Bye from Dubai

Your Ines

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