The grandiose Burj Khalifa tour

Wow, so now I’m standing in front of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Incredibly impressive, how the tower with its 829 meters height and the many thousands and thousands of glass windows unites far above to the top.

Where do I start my tour?

I’ll rewind a few minutes for now. I parked my car in the Dubai Mall. Fortunately, in the meantime, I now know which path is best for me. You must be wondering – what – why is she writing this. For all readers who know the Dubai Mall, they know exactly why I am writing this. The Dubai Mall even fills its own blog post.

With a size of more than one million square meters (equivalent to 200 football fields) and over 1200 stores, a GPS system would be a good helper to find the way. Unfortunately, this does not really work precisely enough in the building. But fortunately, almost next to every escalator there is a digital info point equipped with a touchpad, where you can enter your destination. The display then shows

the way on foot incl. The use of the list or escalator, if necessary. The signage on the ceiling is not much help for non-experts: who knows then what the names of the streets around the mall are. So now I’m standing in front of the Burj. Today I do the “lake walk”, which is about 2 kilometers long.

I recommend you take at least an hour. Around the artificial lagoon leads a walkway (car-free, which is very rare in Dubai) with some larger and smaller attractions along. The most famous attraction takes place right at the beginning: the Fountain Show, which takes place daily at the following times:

  • Friday, 13:30 and 14:00 and in the evening from 18h every 30min until 23h.
  • Saturday – Thursday, 1pm and 1:30pm and from 6pm every 30min until 11pm.

If you want to see the water show from closer and avoid the crowds, I recommend getting a ticket for the boat ride in advance.

There is also a playground in front of the beautiful opera house

But now let’s go – let’s start the walk. My starting point is the main entrance of the mall towards the lagoon (if you see passing cars, you are wrong). In this case, it is best to go to an info point or enter this starting point in the Google Map.


Opera Dubai is my next destination, it is on the right hand side within walking distance of the Burj – just 400m away. Just before the opera has a splashpad and a cool playground, not to be overlooked, at least for my daughter 😊 So a quick playground stop and on it goes then definitely to the opera.

Opera Dubai was designed in 2016 by designer Direktos Janus Rostock and has 2000 seats. So in terms of size, it’s comparable to La Scala in Milan. Opera Dubai hosts international performances. I recommend you to buy the tickets in time, because they are usually often and quickly sold out. No matter what events we attend, we always buy our tickets via Platinumlist. Platinumlist is a local supplier in Dubai, which sells the most event tickets.

Unfortunately, I had my daughter with me, which is why I could not participate in the Grand Tour. But I will certainly make up for this. The tour departs daily at 12 noon and lasts approximately one hour. Tickets can be purchased here: My daughter wants to go on, ok, this imposing opera house is not that interesting for a five-year-old child after all.

Art and history in the same place!

Shortly after the opera you will discover the Dandelion and the Liberty Statue. Also from here, the mighty Burj Khalifa can be seen in the background.


How could it be otherwise – we are in Dubai – guess what? Yes, they are the largest pustule flowers in the world with a remarkable 7.5m height. In total, the flowers include more than 10,000 arc bars. At night, the flowers glow in different colors. For me a great photo spot for Instagram or even for the family album. My daughter, of course, ran through the pustule flower path and already comes the aforementioned statue.

The hand sculputure of Tim Bravington, which was coined by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in 2013. The hand signal shows the W for Victory, the V for Victory and the L for Love.

There is even a children’s paradise on the wonderful tour

Click, click – photo taken……Mommy, I have to pee. Who does not know it, who is on the road with children. But fortunately, just before the next stop, a Cheeky Monkey inkl. Toilet. Cheeky Monkey is a “children’s play paradise” provider of the better kind, in my opinion.

After a short yes, but no, actually we don’t have time, I had to concede that I would like to have a coffee in peace. For the equivalent of about 15 euros, children 3 years and older can stay at Cheeky Monkey, during which mommy and / or daddy can take a break.

There are numerous coffee shops and restaurants in this neighborhood, but Boho-X is one of my favorites. I like the style incredibly well and the food is extremely tasty. Unfortunately, these short “me-time” hours always pass incredibly quickly.

Are you an influencer? Then you need to snap a photo here

Strengthened again, the journey continues. The next stop is especially popular with influencers: the Wings of Mexico.


Jorge Marin, a Mexican artist created this sculpture. The harmony with the Burj Khalifa in the background is really the perfect Fotosujet….and yes, I also wanted a photo. Fortunately, my little one is already a pro at taking photos and so the result can be seen.

By now Ayleen is already tired and doesn’t like it, how can I teach her that I still want to go to the last photo spot. An ice cream at the end of the walk? And yes, in Dubai, as well as other cities, you can find the delicious Turkish Ice Cream – do you know them?

So first of all, this ice cream is really delicious and secondly, the guys behind the stand make a top show before the ice cream can be enjoyed. Be sure to try it out.

Oriental elegance at Palace Hotel

But now back to my last stop from the Burj Khalifa tour. The Palace luxury hotel is a real feast for the eyes. As a guest in a restaurant belonging to it, of course, you can go to the hotel. Accessible to all and free of charge is the narrow path across the artificial pool in front of the site. Once again, influencer alarm reigns supreme. What a photo spot!

It is also nice to record a short video, or just looking at the Burj Khalifa is enough to remember this extraordinary place.

So, that was the Burj Khalifa tour – but still missing the last few meters.

Finally, inhale the scents of the Orient in the Souk al Bahar

These lead through the Souk al Bahar. As a “local” I can of course recommend bigger, more spacious souks, but I like the atmosphere at Souk al Bahar especially in the evening when the numerous aisles and windows are decorated with the numerous lights. If you are hungry, you should definitely go to the Time Out Market. Time Out Market is located right in the Souk al Bahar and is a great and varied food court. There is super delicious food and everyone gets what they like.

So, now quickly to the ice cream parlor. The Turkish ice cream parlor is on the other side of the bridge, on the right side between the bridge and the big silver heart. This heart again offers a great subject. Due to the belly, there are numerous angles that allow special photos with the Burj Khalifa – with or without people on it 😊


Our feedback on the Burj Khalifa tour:

I highly recommend every Dubai visitor to take this free Burj Khalifa tour. There are really many photo subjects, the path is varied and offers great entertainment even for the little ones. And if your feet don’t hurt yet, you can now go shopping in the Dubai Mall.

Bye from Dubai your


Your Sascha

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